Holy Week: Wednesday


Nothing is more painful that being betrayed by someone you love. To betray someone is to abuse their love; it is to use their love to profit personally at their expense. To betray someone is to despise the one who loves you. Jesus experienced betrayal. Judas betrayed him. (Matthew 26:14-16) Peter betrayed him. (Matthew 26:69-75) The nation he came to save betrayed him. (Matthew 27:21-23) The Suffering Servant experienced pain beyond the beatings and the thorns, he endured the heart crushing would of being hated by those who said they loved him.

SCRIPTURE READING: Matthew 27:39-44


The comments made by those who watched Jesus suffer reveal the hearts of the betrayers. They said they wanted a King but when Jesus threatened their personal comfort and power they turned on him. When they thought Jesus’ miraculous power meant personal wealth and prosperity for them they cheered his coming. But, when it became clear that Jesus would not make them wealthy earthly rulers they “derided him and wagged their heads.” As you reflect on Jesus’ sufferings this week ask yourself this question: when am I among the betrayers?

CHILDREN’S PRAYER: “Jesus, forgive me when I betray you. Forgive me when I am selfish.”

ADULT’S PRAYER: “Jesus, please forgive me when I am selfish. Forgive me when I love what I want from you more than I love you. Forgive me when I say “I love you” but behave like I don’t believe in you.”